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Towards a better service development story: How Ironclad moved from monolith to microservices without sacrificing developer experience

Ironclad began as a monolithic Node application deployed on Heroku. For a small team without much time to devote to DevOps, Heroku was a great solution and made it very easy to automatically build and deploy from GitHub. As our team and application grew, we began to want to split portions of our application into separate services. We decided it was time to move off of Heroku, with the hope that we could keep the ease of development and deployment largely intact....

2017 Year In Review

Earlier this year, we started sending monthly product updates to our users because we wanted to better communicate how we’re incorporating their feedback into our product. Below is our latest one, for the month of December. In it, I reflect on the progress we’ve made this year and on the importance of our users to our community and to our product. ...

Introducing Ironclad, a contract management solution for legal teams

Today, I’m excited to announce that Ironclad has raised over $11M across our Seed and Series A rounds of funding, with Accel Partners leading our most recent financing. Steve Loughlin, founder of SalesforceIQ and Accel partner, has joined our board. Steve's tremendous experience advising companies like Palantir Technologies and building companies that augment human potential will be hugely valuable as we grow our company in the coming years. ...