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Leveraging Contract Data: The Two Types of Data Every Legal Team Needs to Track Today, and How

On Tuesday morning, we partnered with IACCM to host a webinar on how to get the most out of contract metadata and process data. During the webinar, we defined both types of data and gave specific use case examples for both. ...

Low-hanging fruit: Three easy Wins for Legal Operations professionals

Just getting your Legal Ops team off the ground? We have good news. Many early legal ops improvements are well-documented and easy to implement. We’ve pulled together three high-value projects to get you started. As you build up or reboot your operations these projects give you an opportunity to learn the ropes and quantify ROI early on. Think of them as low-risk, low-cost ways to build out your legal operations infrastructure....

6 Tips for Up-Leveling Your Legal Operations

As a Legal Engineer, I’ve been privileged to learn from Legal Operations professionals at legal teams of all different sizes and maturity stages. Some of those learnings are strategic (like how to achieve broad adoption), but others are quite tactical and simple. Below, I’ve compiled 6 of the easiest, most tactical tips you can implement today to up-level your team’s legal operations....