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Vera Devera-Dalrymple

Vera Devera-Dalrymple is Ironclad's Community Builder. She is passionate about creating extraordinary, one-of-kind experiences, and loves working with legal teams. Learn more about Vera's work by visiting Ironclad's Community Page, here.

Recent Posts

Community Newsletter Ed. №4

This month’s newsletter shines a light on members of our community and the good work they're doing, upcoming community events, the latest job postings, and other resources. Subscribe to our Community Newsletter to access the content in full, including job postings from our members. Here are excerpts from this month's issue: ...

Rooftop Law School: The Case of the Unforced Error

On August 23rd, Luis Bacalao, Assistant General Counsel at Khosla Ventures, presented his fourth baseball themed Rooftop Law School session by recounting the case of a Nolan Ryan rookie card that was "mistakenly" sold to a 12-year old boy for $12.00 instead of $1,200. The store owner subsequently sued the boy for $1,188 to make up the difference. The discussion led with this question: Is a contract voidable in the case of a unilateral mistake?...

New York, We Love You

On August 9th, Ironclad hosted an intimate gathering of in-house counsel at Ace Hotel's Liberty Hall.  Guests were greeted by the lush beats of The xx and Blood Cultures against the backdrop of a few dozen vintage speakers and a farm table set with vintage LPs bearing each guest's name. This certainly was not your typical happy hour!...

Community Newsletter Ed. №2

In this issue of Ironclad’s community e-news, we’re bringing you two new features: Good Reads and Jobs. We’ve curated a list of articles to help you stay updated, and scoured the web for opportunities for general and corporate counsel positions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City....

Ironclad’s Community Dinner 2.0

On June 6th, leaders in legal from tech companies gathered at an autobody garage turned pop-up dining space in SoMa.  Once guests crossed the threshold from the gritty San Francisco alley, they were greeted with a plush industrial interior: velvet couches and communal tables adorned with tropical monstera leaves and peonies arranged in mercury glass centerpieces. ...

Introducing the Ironclad Community

Newsletter Edition №1 This week at Ironclad, we’re launching a new newsletter for our community: the customers and friends who make the work we do fulfilling and meaningful. In this first edition, our CEO, Jason Boehmig, explains what “community” means to us and why we’d like you to be a part of it....