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Lucy Li

Lucy Li is a software engineer and Product Lead at Ironclad. She comes to us from Salesforce, where she led the front-end mobile web development of the company’s early tablet and phone product. She received a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. At Ironclad, Lucy is currently leading the charge on Workflow Builder, the most intuitive and powerful way to build workflows in the contract management technology space. Workflow Builder gives teams a revolutionarily simple way to build and ship end-to-end contract workflows—no technical expertise or training required.
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Two years ago, Deloitte predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) would automate about ⅓ of the jobs in the legal sector in the next twenty years.  Which is it? Are lawyers on the brink of extinction, or have the capabilities of AI been vastly oversold? Recently, Eyal Dechter, a cognitive scientist at MIT, judged that AI is still “many, many generations” away from being able to complete the types of tasks that lawyers do. Dechter said, “It’s not that computers can’t replace lawyers because lawyers do really complicated things. It’s because lawyers read and talk to people. It’s not like we’re close. We’re so far.”...

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Even a decade ago, “legal” and “technology” were words that were generally juxtaposed oxymoronically, if at all. Today, “legal technology” is a booming industry: in the last 2 years alone, 222 legal tech companies were funded to the tune of $457 million....