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Greg Ogarrio

Greg looks after marketing campaigns for Ironclad. Before joining Ironclad, he held content, demand gen and ecommerce positions at Leanplum, Glassdoor and McAfee. In his pre-tech life, he worked as a journalist on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Recent Posts

How Digital Contracting Is Putting Legal on the Fast Track

I always flinched when I heard, “Pass the new vendor contract through Legal.” Until recently, I looked at Legal as the proverbial “black box.” Important stuff goes in, tumbles and cycles around—why I don’t know—then comes out wrinkled with redlines, ready to re-forward as a Word document back to my vendor for further offline review, more redlines, and maybe, just maybe, a few signatures somewhere down the line. Legal, rinse, repeat. ...

Ironclad's Focus on People Drives Our Growth, Diversity, Culture and Momentum

Digitizing and bringing data-driven insights to the contracting process, by our estimates, is a $60+ billion market. By streamlining contract workflows, from creation and approvals to compliance and insights, Ironclad is freeing GCs and in-house legal teams to become the strategic advisors they’re meant to be for their organizations....