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Making an Impact Together

Community Newsletter Ed. №9

Introducing our CMO, Joyce Solano

Talking Community at SaaStr

Leveraging Contract Data: The Two Types of Data Every Legal Team Needs to Track Today, and How

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Meet Chris Chin, Legal Director at Google

How to Think About Legal AI

6 Tips for Up-Leveling Your Legal Operations

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October Community Recap and Upcoming Events

Meet Beth Stevens, Head of Legal and Brokerage at Opendoor

How to achieve broad adoption of your contract management platform

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Meet Chris Young, Ironclad's General Counsel

Meet Toby Willcocks, Ironclad Legal Engineer

How we use Ironclad at Ironclad

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Balance Visibility and Control with Granular Access Permissions

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Rooftop Law School: The Case of the Unforced Error

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New York, We Love You

3 Ways To Get More Done For Less

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Ironclad’s Community Dinner 2.0

Meet Jason Li, VP of Engineering

Introducing the Ironclad Community

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2017 Year In Review

Meet Ironclad’s COO, Jen Paau

Meet Ironclad’s CTO, Cai GoGwilt

A Better Way to Get NDAs Done at GoFundMe

Introducing Ironclad, a contract management solution for legal teams

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